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I wonder . . . ?

As I start this blog and reflect on my research journeys I realise that the most important motivation for wanting to take on the role of an historical detective is that seed of curiosity which is given life by those two words "I wonder".

This may lead to discovering the name of an ancestor and key dates in their lives or it may lead to learning so much about the social history that could have affected ancestors lives.

For me genealogy - the basic birth, marriage and death facts - is always rewarding, especially when adding another branch or leaf is added to the family tree. However, it is the family tree research where unusual records are found at archives, new specialisms are explored and local histories can be linked to ancestors lives that really completes the journey into the past and helps bring understanding and appreciation of the lives.

Research is not just about searching on-line, visiting archives or talking to people. It also involves walking in the footsteps of ancestors and noticing clues that still exist in the urban and countryside landscapes that might indicate new paths to travel.

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